Denmark Training Kit 2016 Red

It’s necessary for professional players to be equipped with suitable devices. The red Demark training kit published in 2016 adopts unique color combination and clever tailoring. The training top is predominately red with concise and black stand collar. Lower part of sleeves are black and adopt more comfort and flexible design, allowing players move their arms freely.

Black logo of Adidas and white-outline logo of Danish Football Association are printed on the upper right and upper left respectively. In order to show the underlying look, the pants adopt an entirely different color combination. There is a sharp contrast between the training top and pants, also a response to each other in color. Blue and white stripes traverse the waist part. Black string on waist also could be used to regulate degree of comfort.

The Danish Football Association (Danish: Dansk Boldspil-Union; DBU) is the supervisor of football in Denmark. It is the organization of the Danish football clubs and administrates the professional Danish football leagues and the men’s and women’s national teams. It is based in the city of Brøndby and is a founding member of both FIFA and UEFA. The DBU has also been the governing body of futsal in Denmark since 2008. The logo of Danish Football Association is printed with white “Dansk Boldspil-Union” and “1889” – the year of establishment. The acronym “DBU” is printed at the center of this logo.

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