Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes

Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes is located in Córdoba, Argentina, with a capacity of 57,000. It is widely regarded as a famous football stadium for many domestic and international football competitions, also sometimes for athletics. The Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes was originally built for the 1978 World Cup, accommodating 46,083 spectators although without seats. Although most football teams own their stadiums, they prefer to play football at the stadium for the dimension and comfort level of the football stadium.

In addition to Talleres’ matches and Belgrano’s matches, some home competitions of Argentina national football team. From 2010 to 2011, the football stadium was renovated and remodeled. Then the football stadium was four lower than previous football pitch. Previous scoreboards was also replaced by modern video screens. New open stands were built poor view incurred by the shallow shape of stadium. As a multi-purse football stadium, many large-size rallies, recreational and cultural activities were hold at the football stadium for many times.

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