France Training Kit 2016 Navy Blue

This training kit published in 2016 is consisted of dark blue and navy blue clothes, matched dark blue pants. The blue training top adopts stand collar. Players’ body temperature could be regulated through a hidden zipper inlaid on the front when needed. Navy blue stripes on shoulder exaggerate the shoulder outline, making them easily could be locked in the sight of loyal fans on football field. Simplified white cockerel and logo of Nike are printed on the upper left and upper right respectively.

Same with training top, the navy blue pants adopt concise color combination and design. Except for white logo of Nike and proud cockerel, the rest adopts striking navy blue. The blue training top and pants are integrated into a unit through dexterous color combination. This new training kit is unmistakably French. It is concise and fashionable gives France a clear national identity at sports events.

The France national football team represents France in international football. The team’s colors are blue, white and red, and the cockerel is its symbol. France are colloquially known as Les Bleus (The Blues).

France play home matches at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, Paris, and the current manager is Didier Deschamps. They have won one FIFA World Cup, two UEFA European Football Championships, an Olympic tournament, and two FIFA Confederations Cups. The training kit features a new crest, derived from the classic cockerel worn by the French team in 1958. The symbol is enlarged and freed from its badge, becoming the ultimate symbol of national pride.

The crest is carefully embroidered and inspired by the complicate bullion technique. The new and bigger white cockerel stands proudly with its elegant plume of feathers lifted. Besides this new training kit, there are many different France football shirts could be find in our online store.

Good quality devices are necessary to players for better performance on football field. Before participating in a significant competition, I’ll purchase a suitable training kit.

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