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White Italy Training Kit 2016

As a famous Italy national team player, Gianluigi Buffon plays as a goalkeeper. When he was young, Buffon played as an attacking midfielder. But he started to change his position to be a goalkeeper with the help of his father. Buffon played not only for his nation but also for Serie A club Juventus. He has made a contribution to both the two teams. Therefore, he got a few individual awards including IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper award, Ballon d’Or, Serie A Footballer of the Year award and so on. On football fields, Buffon is a talented and aggressive goalkeeper with speed, prowess and anticipation, as well as confidence, goalkeeping technique and reactions. He often functioned as a sweeper-keeper, frequently rushing out of his area to clear the ball or face opponents who had beaten the offside trap.


Unfortunately, Italy national team missed the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the excellent goalkeeper announced his retirement from the national team.

Players must train hard to improve their abilities. PUMA, as the supplier of the squad, has also provided training kits for players.

The white training kit is my favorite one. Do you like it?

This training top features a stand collar. “ITALIA” and the three-colored stripe on the chest show entirely national pride. The zipper can keep you warm. PUMA brand logo and the team badge are printed, as always. The white pants are also knitted with the two necessary logos and fit perfectly because of the elastic waistband.

This kit is so comfortable and the fabric can keep players cool and dry.

Colombia Training Kit 2015 White

Long-sleeve Colombia training top is predominately white, matching sky blue pants. The new Colombia training top adopts white stand collar. Besides, there are many related Colombia football shirts also could be found in the strore. Three stripes in yellow, red and black are attached on the shoulders and arms. Black Adidas logo and red Colombian Football Federation are printed on the upper right and upper left respectively.

Sky blue pants adopt a free and convenient design, aiming to help professional players performing well on football field. A wide white stripe on waist traverses through the waist, forming a response to training top. The logo of Adidas and Colombian Football Federation are printed on pant legs. Clear and concise design will make players striking on football fields.

The logo of Colombian Football Federation takes fiery red as its main color. It takes the shape of football as the outline of its logo. At the bottom of its logo, bright yellow, navy blue and fiery red form a half circle, surrounding the red decorative pattern. The name of Colombian Football Federation forms the other half circle. The Colombian Football Federation is the governing body of football in Colombia. It was founded in 1924 and has been affiliated to FIFA since 1936. It is a member of CONMEBOL and is in charge of the Colombia national football team.